Can I buy images from my mobile device?

Yes, you can browse the site and purchase images via a mobile device.  If a single digital download is purchased, it is emailed to your nominated email account.  If multiple digital downloads are purchased in one transaction, the site will create a ZIP file and send that to your nominated email account.  There are many free apps available that can open ZIP files, and you will need one of these to open the ZIP file.  Purchasing prints via mobile device is also available.


Can I transfer the money and you send me the photos?

As of 01/01/18 all image sales are handled through our website only.


Can digital images be printed?

Our digital downloads are presented at 300DPI large format files, and can easily be printed up to A2.  Some online companies who offer canvas prints will reject the image as being too low quality, as they (incorrectly) base the quality of the image off the size of the file.  If this occurs, please contact us and we will send through the same quality file at a size that the site requires.


What can I use the digital download for?

Please read the consumer licence before purchasing any images.


How long can I download the image for?

The link to download the purchased images is active for 30 days after the purchase.  If this time passes and you would like to re-download the purchase, please contact us and we will reactivate the link.


How long to prints take to arrive?

All prints purchased off our site are sent directly to Nulab Professional Imaging in Victoria for the highest quality printing and then shipped directly to the purchaser.  This can range between 3-7 days.


How can I buy the complete gallery?

To purchase the complete gallery, enter the gallery, and at the thumbnail screen click BUY > BUY ALL (X) PHOTOS > then at the product page choose SINGLE MEETING - ALL IMAGES

If you incorrectly select all the the images in the gallery and choose BUY > ALL IMAGES, it will attempt to charge you the gallery price for every image.